Set in the later half of the 19th century around the Western states of America bordering Mexico. A land plagued with disputes, lawlessness, gunfights and some of that periods most gruesome characters. An ex-Mexican army captain turned bandit, driven by a personal vendetta, has formed a mob of some of the most ruthless Mexican bandits to sweep a reign of terror through the land.

Players can choose to take on the role of a Bandit or Cowboy as these two groups confront each other in all out gunfights through various scenarios.

Player Classes and weapons:

Like RTCW, Each side has access to four classes based on those of RTCW and each class has access to various weapons. There are many new authentic and 1 not quite so authentic WildWest weapons to choose from, including colts, Harper's Ferry musket, Molotov cocktails, Volley rifles, dynamite sticks, and much much more.


We have 7 multiplayer maps to play on, and more in the works... maps range from smallish levels ideal for 5v5 battles, to huge open levels where many more players can have some great gun totin fun.
Also added to the maps are a selection of small features such as animated horses and characters, which add a new level realism to our maps.


We intended for WildWest to play at a slightly slower pace than RTCW. We hope that this will make it more like the old western movies and Clint style action where taking cover behind a rock or hiding in a clump of brush can be more beneficial than legging forward with all guns blazing.
We aimed to make team play more important in the WildWest than in RtCW, and to this end we believe we have succeeded.

Unlike Wolf, taking hits will cause you injury and slow you down. This is great when you're the attacker as you can see the results of your attack on the enemy but if you're the one taking the damage you'll find yourself praying you can make it to cover before your finished! Players can now recuperate some health by resting. If your stamina is at full, you will regain health up to a maximum of 70. Again this should highlight the importance of taking cover when you're under fire or hit, and working as a team.


We have a brand new set of Mexican and cowboy voices to add to the gaming experience. This is certainly the cherry on the cake. Our testers have been in stitches when bandits taunt the enemy with "Di Cowboys are runnin like di chickins!" amongst many great new phrases.


Full Players Guide:
El-Dragon has created am excellent on-line players guide with all aspects of the game explained, although this guide is still in the process of being developed, you will find plenty of info to help you get the most out of playing WildWest.
I have also included my own "tips & tricks" sections, with advise on how to play "clever" which if followed will allow you to gain an edge on the competition ;)

WildWest players Guide